Voila Madame

It was a bright Tuesday morning, first day of class in September, after our long summer break (which was lots of fun). I was excited to head back to school and meet up again with all my high school friends, especially those who had been away for the summer.

The second class after a boring science class was Math (also something that peaks my interest - not ! ) , and so I was sitting at the back of our math class and chatting up with my friend Cassy. The teacher, hmm lets call her Mrs. Nosy Parker is tied up in the front...and barely notices us at the back, so we continue on...

And I was so into catching up with Cassy, I didn't notice anything strange until Cassy's eyes and her facial expression changed suddenly. I turned around and Mrs. Parker was standing behind me.

She says "You come to school to focus on the class, and not so much on your gossip". I said: "I am sorry Madame (since she is French), I love having a good conversation." 

The entire class burst up in laughter and well I was sent to the principals office; the first day. 

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