Dads can't keep secrets

It was the beginning of the day, when my friend Nicole noticed that she had forgotten her epi-pen at her dad's place (Her parents are divorced so she spends her time between their homes). Being deathly allergic to peanuts and nuts, she immediately made a phone call to receive her epi-pen from her dad.

In a few short minutes, he arrived at the front door of our grade 4 portable with her spi-pen. As our teacher answers the door all heads turn to where Nicole's dad was standing. "Nicole, here's your epi-pen" her dad called to where Nicole was sitting in the opposite corner of the room to where he was standing. She quickly ran to the door to collect her epi-pen. "Bye dad, love you" she says quickly and sarcastically, her dad slowly left our portable, as Nicole went back to her desk.

Suddenly, her father reappeared asking in a very curious voice sporting a silly smily on his face: " Who is Kyle Jones?". All eyes turned to Kyles Jones and then back to Nicole who was then blushing bright red with embarrassment. Kyle slowly but shyly turned around, while Nicole ran back to her father to tell him to leave, as the rest of the class was trying their best to hold in their laughter. When Nicole came back to sit with me, I asked her : " how does your dad know Kyle Jones?". " I told him" she replied as she still tried to maintain her composure and process the embarrassment that had just taken place.

"Oh my gosh, my dad is the most embarrassing person ever!!" she stated.

This will always be the joke that no one will ever forget in our grade 4 class, thanks to Nicole's dad.

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