Snails for lunch dear brother...

Awesome_jerry2005 was being super mean to me one morning. It was a rainy day and there were snails scattered everywhere in our neighborhood. For all of you that don't know, cement feels like fire for snails and is super uncomfortable for them. I began picking up the snails and putting them back in the grass. Jerry, who isn't really all that "awesome", kept on complaining and nagging for me to hurry up. I decided to fix him once and for all. I put a snail on his shoulder. When he saw it he screamed like a girl. I still wasn't satisfied. I needed to hatch a plan that was far superior and that would have a longer lasting, unappetizing effect. When he wasn't watching I slipped a snail in his lunchbox.

He continued to be rude with me all the way to school. I smiled knowing that a slimy sweet treat was waiting for him at lunch time.

I couldn't take it any longer, and as he was continuing with his meanie beanie behaviour I casually mentioned to him : " Better check what's for lunch buddy."

Jerry opened up his lunch box and discovered the snail. He once again screamed like a girl in front of his entire classroom.

Sweet revenge served on a plate... err... I mean in a lunch box.


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@sophia_asteria the only reason i screamed was because i saw your face.


@awesome_jerry2005 LMAO!!!! You guys are something else!!!