The revenge turd💩

Let me just start by saying who ever did this took revenge way to far.

One day I was getting ready too take a shower, and I had the water running, to warm it up. I went too get my towel and it has only been about 30 seconds before I noticed, that the water was not going down the drain. I went to get a qtip and put it in the drain.

I turned around and took it out too find hair with brown crap all over it. I flushed the hair down the drain, and went to get another qtip. I once again put in the drain and at no surprise got a brown qtip. 

I then proceeded too walk down stairs to inform my sister about this problem. When I asked her if she was the one who did it, she denied it and said it wasn't her. To this day, nobody knows who did it, but let me just mention, @sophia_asteria I got my eyes on you...

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