The day my grandfather called a person in the wheelchair "a retard".

This past summer, all of our family was at the CNE, we had taken a break from all of the rides and excessive walking. We decided to grab some lunch. My grandfather, "gong-gong" was saving our table with my sister, as me and the rest of my family went to the food area, to see what was available to eat. Upon our return, we noticed a man in a wheelchair. He appeared to be lost. He was kind of "hanging out" in front of our table. My grandfather, who has not emerged from the 20th century, very calmly informed the man that we were sitting there, and that the table he was hanging out in front of, was already taken. He also stated very casually: "there are tables reserved for retarded people over there" while pointing his finger, towards the section of handicapped tables. I was completely shocked and embarrassed. I walked in the opposite direction, to ensure that he would not know we were related. The man looked at my grandfather not knowing what to say, before the man could leave, I worked up enough courage and I decided to just go sit at the table. I looked in the mans basket, that was hanging from his wheelchair and noticed he had smoked half of a ciggy, however there was still a little bit of smoke left. Instead of trashing it, he had saved it for future use. He frowned at gong-gong and drove off towards the spaghetti shop. I was immediately reminded of a time that I saw a person light up a smoke, only to hurl expletives when he saw the bus coming, and proceed to removing the ashes and saving it in his pocket for later. Gross much?

I think so.

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