Our trip to Versailles (to see monkeys lighting their farts is $5, tax not included)...

4 years ago, I went on a holiday with my family to Paris. We met up with some of my class mates, who were coincidently there at the same time as us. We went to Versailles all together and it was during the summer. This is where the parents made their first mistake. Six children + a 30 degree French summer + a two hour wait + no shade + ONE bottle of water = DISASTER WAITING TO HAPPEN. Oh, and it was only a 175ml bottle of water, so that went down well (NOT). By the time we had made it to the end of the queue, we were all hot, sticky, tired and grouchy, but... we were happy to finally be inside. We wanted to go back to our apartment that we were renting during our stay, but said that we could quickly see the Hall of Mirrors and the rooms. 

We saw the Hall of Mirrors. "Oh, isha_reading how was it?", you may be wondering."Gee... thanks for asking. It was big. It was full of mirrors. It had massive ceilings. Is that a good enough description for you?" This is where the parents made their SECOND big mistake.

We were seeing the bedrooms in the palace, when my Dad and my Mum were looking at the ceilings. They told me to come over to them. I said, " what do you want me to look at?" My Dad told me, "look at the ceilings" I then replied "why do i want to look at the ceilings there are more important things to look at than the ceiling of some super snobby person". I looked up and there they were. The one and only monkeys. LIGHTING. THEIR. FARTS. ON. FIRE!

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@isha_reading did it really happen ... monkeys on the ceiling ? thats insane eh ...


yeah it did happen. it was a painting on the ceiling