The school's trip trap...

Every year, my school has a school trip. This year, we went to a camp. It was fun but I got very bored, because we have an hour between each activity. To keep myself busy,  I started digging a hole and some of my other friends joined in, and started helping.We dug and dug, until the hole was up to my waist, after that we covered it with leaves and also added dirt over it to camouflage it. The next thing we know, is that there is a teacher walking right in that area. We were afraid the teacher would discover our trip trap so, we had to distract him so he would not fall in the hole. What was unexpected was that, one of my friends, who is always in the wrong place at the wrong time, and did not know anything thing about the hole, took a big step and fell inside.  My unlucky friend who fell in the hole, started laughing his head off. We didn't know if he was shocked or angry. All of my classmates began to laugh to. It is an event that will forever be remembered by everyone.... except for the part that the people who dug the hole, actually got in trouble.

Luckily we ere let off the hook with just a warning from our principal. PHEW!

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