Dem Chinese Mushrooms!!!!!

I happen to share the same grandparents as Sophia_Asteria and I can assure the lunacy is non stop. We don't enjoy our grandmother's cooking. In chinese, grandmother is referred to as "popo". Many times we need to spend the night over there, because our parents work full time jobs and travel for work.

Popo's cooking is far from tasty. She is no chef by any means. We are often forced to eat her food whether we like it or not. My sister and I had to find a clever way to dispose of the food, without getting caught. Together, we came up with the ingenious idea of flushing the food in their prehistoric 1970's state of the art toilet. With plumbing that dates back to the 70's also.

One day, Popo made these awful mushrooms. Being polite I exclaimed: " wow Gong-Gong these mushrooms sure taste good!" Little did I know that another serving of these disgusting little creatures would end up on my plate. I took the mushrooms and placed them in a napkin when no one was watching. Then, like a secret agent I made my way to the washroom to flush away any memory of this terrible, unappetizing meal.

I thought that no one would ever catch on... But Gong-Gong eyed me suspiciously.  The next day, the lovely remnants of Popo's mushroom dinner came up in the toilet bowl...


Gong-Gong was furious and of course, I denied it. I blamed it on my sister and well... that's another story in itself.

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@awesome_jerry2005 seriously nasty mushrooms!


@sophia_asteria @awesome_jerry2005 Stop you guys!!!! I am dying of laughter!! How bad is her cooking anyway? 🐔 😆 😆