I was accused of eating walnuts in my grandparents house, when it was really the rat...

As I have previously mentioned, I don't have the most amicable relationship with my grandparents, especially my grandfather: gong-gong. In their home, they had a pack of salted caramel walnuts. Little, by little, they discovered that the package was open, and the contents were decreasing at an alarming rate. Of course, all eyes turned to me. I was blamed for consuming the walnuts. I insisted it wasn't me, but they wouldn't have it and continued to believe otherwise. Gong-gong installed a camera to "catch me" in the act of nibbling walnuts.

One afternoon, when they played back the video evidence, to their surprise, it wasn't me... it was a playful rat who enjoyed free room and board at my grandparents house.

Go figure!


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@sophia_asteria Your story literally had me rolling on the floor laughing 😆 😆