My Chinese Grandparents Don't Trust Me Because They Think I Prefer Japan Over China

One day my brother, my grandparents and myself, went out for lunch at a local Vietnamese restaurant.

My grandparents dislike Japan, because of their experience in the war and anything or anyone supporting Japan, becomes an area of caution for them.

As they were discussing their memories and experiences with the war, I asked them to describe the experiences of a Chinese soldier that had participated in the war. They misunderstood, and thought I told them that I was interested in becoming a Japanese soldier. They frowned in disbelief and narrowed their eyes in frustration. They then began to lecture me asking : "Yu wanna be chaineese or japaneeese?" I responded "Chinese" and because of his already high blood pressure, my grandfather heard me saying : "Japanese".

Well, since then, they have completely lost all trust in me and view me as a supporter of Japan. *sigh*

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