Shake it off- Experiencing an earthquake in Japan... (No not Taylor Swift's song)

It was an early morning in Tokyo, Japan. I was sitting on my bed minding my own business, and  watching my Netflix shows, on my ipad. Then all of a sudden, the bed started to shake. I stopped for a brief second, thinking that it was probably just someone turning on their air conditioner, in the unit below us. When I went back to watching my Netflix show, I noticed that the rumbling and shaking wasn't stopping and it was only getting more intense. Suddenly, my mom came over and grabbed the wall. "Am I dizzy or is the building moving?" she said nervously. " bed is shaking" I said as if we were both experiencing the same thing. Then my brother got off the couch and started screaming: " it's an earthquake!!". My Dad nodded in agreement, because, after all, Japan is earthquake central. We hurry to stand under a doorway, which is the routine procedure, whenever there is an earthquake taking place. The earthquake didn't last much longer and soon it was over. 

After this fiasco, my brother hurriedly located his ipad and began to search for the most recent earthquake that happened in Japan. "I want to see what it was on the richter scale." he screamed excitedly  "Adam, it happened 3 seconds ago it won't be up" I replied. But all he could find was an article on a recent major earthquake, that happened in December 2016.

A few hours later,  my dad found out that it was only a 5.0 which is nothing major, as objects and buildings begin to break when it is at a 6.0.

Happy to say that I am back at home in North America and in one piece.  What a scare! After all, I had just experienced an earthquake, in a country where earthquakes are notorious.

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